Photo Sessions Be Art

The styling all depends on you ... you can wear anything from wedding or evening dresses to a bikini or just a long scarf for artistic nude portraits. It all depends on which look you would like to achieve. Please take a look through the gallery for inspiration. It is good idea if you bring several changes with you. And of course if you need any advice with styling we are happy to assist you.

It is not must to wear make-up for a photo shooting but it is a good idea. You can come with your own make-up or if you prefer make-up professionals to take care of you before and/or during the shooting, please let us know in advance. You will either have an appointment in their salon before the shooting, or they will be present on the set. Their service is not included in the price.

Some people are able to and others are not. Shots with closed eyes and relaxed faces tend to be more elegant than ones with open eyes and tense face expressions.

Yes we do, but only if you agree on that. After we select the photos we like best , if you wish, you will advise what would you like us to correct.

The post-processing of your photos do take their time. The time needed for beauty retouching of the photos from the Studio and Outdoor portrait sessions is 2-3 days. For the photos from the Underwater session we are going one step further: beauty rotouching + artistic editing of the images. So please be patient and you won't be disappointed. In this case please estimate 5-6 working days for the delivery.

By law, a photographer always has copyright of their images. Of course, you payed for them so the images are yours, you are able to print them as you like. You are just not allowed to sell them or use them for any commercial purposes. In order to protect both parties rights a simple agreement is signed prior to the photo shooting.

That is OK of course. We would definitely appreciate if you state a copyright notice bellow the photo. You can state either "©elstudiom" or "copyright elstudiom"

We do not sell photographs from the sessions with our clients. Those photos belongs to the client and are private. All the fine art photographs you see in our online shop are made with professional models.

We can re-schedule another date which is more suitable for you, or simply refund your booking fee if you prefer so.

It is possible but an extra person on the photo is extra time in both shooting and post-processing phase. Please consult the price under the "Photo Sessions" on the main page.

Learn Photography

Your teacher is Monia, visual artist and photographer holding MA in Conceptual and Artistic photography. You can read more about her work here

To be able to prepare lessons tailored to your skills level and not to waste time on the things you already know , before we start we will have to meet and talk whenever suits you best.

If you are looking for a different class than those listed, please provide me with a detailed description of what you are looking to learn and I will tell you as soon as possible if I could help you with that topic.

Classes are held in a variety of locations in Javea dependent on the topic of our photo/video training class and in Monia home studio.

Buy Art

In the unlikely event that your order is damaged during shipping, you will receive a full refund or replacement
if you provide all of the original packaging for the shipper's inspection.

By law, a photographer always has copyright of their images. When you purchase one fine art print you are purchasing the actual physical print, not the rights to the original image.

The images presented in the gallery are not in full quality to avoid having watermark over them.
However, under the BUY ART section you can see some zoom-in details of the photographs in full quality.

If your country is not listed please contact us via contact form.
After we have checked with the courier company exact price for delivery to your country, we will get back to you as soon as possible.